Insight Mining

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May 8, 2014
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Pfizer Objects To Use Of Products In Lethal Injections
May 26, 2016
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Insight Mining


Insight Mining

When you/your brand teams recognize that:

  • people don’t tell you insights, they have to be discovered
  • insights are discovered by asking questions – right and wrong questions
  • that inspiration can come from looking at examples from outside of your business

What this looks like:

A one-day workshop which is fun-filled but with a serious purpose. Games are fun, minds open, the spirit changes. We invite “the players” best able to solve the problem. Inside and outside attendees. Rules and structure lead us towards the answer.

What this approach avoids:

Asking for the answer from research

Questions that are not challenging enough

Questions that are not thorough enough

People giving expected answers to expected questions

What this approach promotes:

Getting more revealing answers to a question that feels wrong

Addressing the questions to the people who can give the richest response

Digging for insight in three ‘areas’: brand, the consumer and the context

Questioning always from the human perspective