Virtual Brand Planning

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May 8, 2014
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Virtual Brand Planning


More ‘efficient’ and highly effective’ brand planning through Virtual Brand Plan Mentoring

When you/your brand teams are looking for:

  • an unbiased perspective of where, and how, to strengthen the brand plan
  • complete alignment and commitment to the strategy with the cross functional team
  • actions tightly aligned to strategy from the different functional teams

What this looks like:

The brand team do work on, for example, their situational analysis. They submit this for comment. The document is returned to the team within 24 hours with comment. A conference call is set up to discuss, explore and debate the ‘fresh’ perspective and in so doing successfully develop the team’s thinking and improve the quality of the plan.

Typically this involves at least ‘4 interventions’: situational analysis, strategy, action plans and measurement but can be tailored to suit.

What this approach avoids:

Time spent inefficiently

Time spent ineffectively

Going round and round in circles/revisiting decisions

What this approach promotes:

Keeps the plan moving forward

Maintains the momentum through fast turn around of anything received

Ensures all input is practical and creates value

Conversations are arranged to fit in with the team’s diaries

Inspires thinking and energizes the team through conversation


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