01. About

St Clair is a brand strategyconsultancy that helps youfind your focus. So you walkaway with a clear andoriginal strategy that works.

St Clair is a brand strategy consultancy thathelps you find your focus. So you walk awaywith a clear and original strategy that works.

With St Clair you benefitfrom 30 years of hands-onexperience in healthcareand related industries.

If three decades in thebusiness teaches youanything it’s that marketsare constantly changing.St Clair’s mission is to helpbrand leaders evolve andstay effective – whereveryou are and whateveryour team’s structure.

With St Clair you benefit from 30 years ofhands-on experience in healthcare andrelated industries.

If three decades in the business teaches youanything it’s that markets are constantlychanging. St Clair’s mission is to help brandleaders evolve and stay effective – whereveryou are and whatever your team’s structure.

Janice MacLennan

02. Ethos

St Clair clears away thecomplex. It’s the only way toshow you a fresh way forward. Here are the 5steps to an original strategy.

St Clair clears away the complex.It’s the only way to show you a freshway forward. Here are the 5 steps toan original strategy.

St Clair clears away the complex. It’s the only way toshow you a fresh way forward. Here are the 5 stepsto an original strategy.


Aim to evolve

You can’t solve today’s problems with last year’s thinking.


Focus together

With the right focus, you and your team will find the answer.


Challenge everything

Old thinking, new theories and how far your strategy can go.

03: Services

What St Clair can do for you, your team and your brand strategy in just a few days
(or less).

Clarity of thought

You’ll find your focus: a clear direction to build global brands that are locally relevant.

Collective thinking

You’ll get the most out of your team and give everyone a voice.

Fresh ideas

You’ll learn new ideas from some of the latest strategic thinking across the globe.

A tailored approach

You’ll get a workshop adapted to your specific brief and needs.

Short term

Free up your team to think more creatively. Speak the same language and follow the same processes. And develop marketing as one of your team’s core skills.

Long term

The best brand leaders have a clear brand strategy. With the market constantly changing, St Clair can help you focus your team and learn new skills to ensure your thinking stays relevant.

04: Testimonials

A few kind words from clients.

Clear, cohesive and collaborative

Janice has been a trusted partner throughout my career. She's helped me, our organization and many of our key pharma brands grow through their clear, cohesive and collaborative approach to global brand strategy.

Eric Longino
Global Commercial Strategy Director, Johnson & Johnson

Transforming impact

Janice had the most transforming impact on how my team and I think and challenge data insights. We’re still using what we learnt, even today.

Christopher Bancel
Founder & CEO, TISSIUM

Collective penny-drop moment

What I love about Janice is how she challenges preconceived thinking, which has led to at least one ‘collective penny-drop’ moment in each of our workshops. She's very skilled at leading the team to a place where they can work out the problem for themselves.

Clare McGowne
EU Commercial Development Lead, Spark Therapeutics Inc.

Providing clarity to difficult situations

Over the last 20 years, Janice has helped me launch new brands to market and breathe new life into others. As the industry evolves, Janice consistently adapts, providing clarity to difficult situations and collaborating with my teams to drive measurable results.

Nick Ferrara
Executive Director of Marketing, Endo Pharmaceuticals

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